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Model: EM6210



●Communication between the meter and a smartphone via Bluetooth or between the meter and or a PC via USB data line
●4 4/5-digit, 50000 count (primary) and 3 4/5-digit, 5000 count (secondary) dual display with 26 segments bar graph. (Frequency function: 49999 counts), with backlight
●Battery leakage current and cranking current test function
●Electric motor tester for electric vehicles
●ECU tester to measure the current drain when the ignition is turned off
●Firing voltage measurement mode
●Burn voltage measurement mode
●Burn time measurement mode
●Ground test to locate bad ground, voltage drops, intermittent connections, or any source of high resistance in automotive electrical circuits and grounds
●Charging system test to check the battery and the alternator
●Accurate RPM measurements for 4- and 2-stroke automotive engines with 1 to 12 cylinders
●Duty cycle and direct dwell reading for electronic fuel injection, feedback carburetors, and ignition systems
●6 steps adjustable trigger level on 1 to 12 Cylinders, either 4- or 2-Cylinder for outboards, motorcycles and conventional engines
●Highspeed MIN MAX AVG recording mode and Relative mode
●Memory store and recall (20 locations)


DC Voltage:50mV/500mV/5V/50V/500V/1000V
AC Voltage:500mV/5V/50V/500V/1000V
AC/AC Current Probe:30A/400A/1500A
DC Current:50mA/500mA/10A
AC current:50mA/500mA/10A
Diode Test:2V
Frequency:-50°C ~1300°C/-58°F~2372°F
RPM (Capacitive Pickup):4-stroke:120~20000RPM, 2-stroke 60~10000RPM
RPM (Test Leads):4-stroke:60~20000RPM, 2-stroke 30~10000RPM
Dwell Angle:0.0o~356.4° (6 trigger levels. 9 Cylinders)
ms-Pulse & Duty Cycle:0.50ms - 250.00ms/0.0% - 100.0%
Continuity:Fast continuity test
Ground Test:Locate bad grounds, voltage drops, intermittent connections
Charging System Test:Diagnose the vehicle battery and the alternator
Battery Drain Test:Measures the vehicle's battery current when it is turned off


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