Make excellent executive ability

Start from the basic unit and the detail, carry out to the end

For individual, executive ability means the ability to succeed the thing want to do. But for enterprises, it is the ability to fulfill strategy step by step. When the strategic direction of enterprise has been decided, executive ability become the most important at the moment. Then the relation of strategy and execution is just like the relation of theory and practice. Theory can point out the direction for practice, and practice also can prove and revise theory.

So strategy must be combined with execution that can be made a successful enterprise. From the important relation of strategy and execution, we are convinced of how to start from basic unit, how to start from detail, and how to carry out to the end that it is important for executive ability of enterprise.

Firstly, we will talk about the basic unit. The basic unit is basic staff of the company. Whether could turn the guideline, policy of the company into a concrete action, the key lies on execution.

Whatever projects of the company should be do, there must be started from basic unit. Because it is related with that whether policy of the company fulfill, whether guideline of the company put into effect and the personal benefit of all staffs.  Full story

Author: Luo Zhongming

X-rays of material RoHS detection

X-ray fluorescence analysis technique (XRF)as one rapid analytical method, it is viable, cost-effective and supply timely detecting , filtration and control for harmful elements in an effective way; Compared with other analytical methods (for example : Emission spectra absorption spectra, spectrophotometry, chromatography mass spectrometry), XRF has these obvious advantages: no need special chemical treatment for the samples, fast, convenient and cost-effective. It is particularly used for process control and detecting in the manufacturing enterprise.  Full story

Author: Lin Yan, Quality Control Dept.
Commerce Topic

How to utilize the foreign exchange transactions to relieve the appreciation pressure of RMB

No matter carry on the long-term foreign exchange transaction of RMB or handle the immediate foreign currency account settlement business, all of enterprises should pay attention to select the suitable trade opportunity. Because of the prescription of Peoples Bank of China, banks can adjust the US dollar listed price in the range of price difference as regulation on the some day. One day has one kind of price turned to be many kinds of price. In a word, according to the trend of foreign exchange, export-oriented enterprises can confirm the trade opportunity, try hard to reduce the exchange losses that made by fluctuations of foreign exchange.

Author: Wayne Chai, Market Dept.   Full story
EM132 Autoranging Automotive Multimeter
Forbidden City

China's World Best

The biggest and most complete ancient building complex is the former Imperial Palace (also known as the Forbidden City) in Beijing. It was imperial palace of both the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was first completed in 1420 and covers an area of 720,000 square meters.  Full story

- Learning Chinese Word -
[N.] Love
[V.i. & t.] (1) To like, be pleased with, be fond of
(2) To love (lover, parents, etc.):

加油 (jia1 you2)
[V.i.] to pep up, to cheer (game player)
Rainbow comes after the rain

Climbing Rui Zhu Mountain in rain

We kept on climbing to the terminus, which depended on our skill and willpower. When we arrived, the rain stopped. Everyone was glad about the victory, as we conquered the nature and ourselves.

Dear friends, when we come across difficulties, please dont fear, dont cower, the rainbow comes after the rain!

Author: Qiu Xiulan, Tech. Dept.    Full story
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