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X-rays of material RoHS detection

Author: Lin Yan, Quality Control Dept.
X-ray fluorescence analysis technique (XRF)as one rapid analytical method, it is viable, cost-effective and supply timely detecting , filtration and control for harmful elements in an effective way; Compared with other analytical methods (for example : Emission spectra absorption spectra, spectrophotometry, chromatography mass spectrometry), XRF has these obvious advantages: no need special chemical treatment for the samples, fast, convenient and cost-effective. It is particularly used for process control and detecting in the manufacturing enterprise.
XRF is applicable for the filtration detecting for lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium total, total bromine in the plastic parts and metal parts. It could analyse the content of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, bromine rapidly and qualitatively. It does not need sampling for right homogeneous samples and can be conducted nondestructive testing.
Our company used RoHS detection equipment . It is also used XRF. Hereby I will introduce some features of this equipment and the caution points during use.
This equipment has the high resolution built-in camera which will detect the samples at any moment. It has the large space to put the samples inside, no limited for the samples ’size. It also could detect the Electroplating Coating and conduct harmful element analysis in a short time.
Caution :
1. Avoid too high room temperature and electromagnetic interference around, keep stable for current and voltage.
2. Preheat 30 minutes before using.
3. Initialize the equipment firstly before you start to use it.
4. Please use different collimator and curves when measuring different substances: powder, solid and ligquid.
5. Please clean the smeary surface on the object or when the surface polluted by heavy metal. It may affect the test result.
6. Periodically calibrate the equipment accordingly to the inspection instruction.
In fact, XRF has its limitation for material RoHS detection. For example: It could only detect the total content of chromium and bromine elements. It should be further analyzed if the test is more than its limits.
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