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Start from the basic unit and the detail, carry out to the end

Author: Luo Zhongming
For individual, executive ability means the ability to succeed the thing want to do. But for enterprises, it is the ability to fulfill strategy step by step. When the strategic direction of enterprise has been decided, executive ability become the most important at the moment. Then the relation of strategy and execution is just like the relation of theory and practice. Theory can point out the direction for practice, and practice also can prove and revise theory. So strategy must be combined with execution that can be made a successful enterprise. From the important relation of strategy and execution, we are convinced of how to start from basic unit, how to start from detail, and how to carry out to the end that it is important for executive ability of enterprise.

Firstly, we will talk about the basic unit. The basic unit is basic staff of the company. Whether could turn the guideline, policy of the company into a concrete action, the key lies on execution. Whatever projects of the company should be do, there must be started from basic unit. Because it is related with that whether policy of the company fulfill, whether guideline of the company put into effect and the personal benefit of all staffs.

The middle level cadre is a tie of connecting the high level and basic unit and has many kinds of roles and duties of the policymaker, leader, organizer, and executor. They not only should have a thorough grasp of the guideline, policy of the company, such as working guidelines, working background, work method, working routine, but also should go deep into front line, grasp the firsthand material. In order to find out the newest trends of the basic unit in time, exactly understand thought of the staff at the basic level, accurately seek the link of direction and actual work. They should start from practical problem of the basic-level work, make great efforts to reach the unification of the innovative theory and realistic problem, the unification of direction and disposition of the company, the unification of thought motive and working result, implement the requirement of the company to the basic unit practically.

Stress the detail.
People start Great undertakings from detail, and difficulties from the easy. Great comes from ordinary. Usually, what an enterprise needs to do every day is repeating the so-called minor matters. Without strict and serious detail, the enterprise strategy is difficult to come true even if it is grand and wise.
The detail is managed by procedure. To keep the food fresh, McDonald throw away the fries if they don’t be sold out in 7 minutes after frying. Of course, the 7 minutes is measured minutely according to standard procedure. The detail needs to be carried out diligently. If without will, initiative and responsibility, almost just do things, then the result can be well imagined. As well, innovation is an important factor. Innovation is the essential characteristic of knowledge economy, and the soul of enterprises to survive and develop continuously. The market is changing, the living environment of enterprises is changing, and we may meet a lot of new problems in the work, outmoded working manner and method may become inapplicable. So we should adjust our thinking, and renew the process to make the detail more realizable and create higher value.
Therefore, the staff should not only do things diligently, but also obeying the procedure and system, working with innovation, and handling problem thoroughly and carefully, so as to work more effectively.

Carrying on frequently! Frequently refer to the work’s continuity and repetition. It is to say to be perseverance, persistence. Chinese proverb "Stage one minute, the crowd decade Gong." embodies the meaning. Work should overcome irritable mood and lazy thinking, work with great enthusiasm, strong willpower and consolidate the achievement. The system should be inspected frequently to be corrective. The knowledge will be increased by learning frequently. The work achievement will be assured by frequent inspection. Our company carries on the learning, training, meeting and inspection system as one frequent work. Carrying on frequently is to develop the habits. Develop good habits can be harvested excellent achievement.

Pace is one of the most important competition for enterprises. However tt should be relies on the high effective team. Currently, the export tax rebate downward, RMB rate upward, trade barriers from the developed countries etc .are setting up the various adverse factors for the foreign trade market. The enterprises competition is particularly strong. But especially in this environment, it will be better test of a will to survive and competition. In order to win from this flinty environment, our Eastern Group should make greater effort and carry on “Start from the basic unit and the detail, carry out to the end “ to the end. Only by doing so, team can be full of strength, enterprises can keep continuous innovation and vitality.

“Start from the basic unit and the detail, carry out to the end “ should be formed into a system and as its day-to-day work. We should really fulfill the stratagem with the continuous effort and make our Eastern Group strong in the market!

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