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Climbing Rui Zhu Mountain in rain

Author: Qiu Xiulan, Tech. Dept.
I believe many people once went to Rui Zhu Mountain. I have been there for several times, but the feeling of each time is different. And this time I join in climbing game of our company. It was very interesting and impressive. It showed our passion and cooperation, and our ability to overcome any difficulties.
The weather always changed. It was sunny in the morning, but cloudy in the afternoon. My sun block and topee became useless. What is more, it rained on the way, which made me a little disappointed. But others were still zesty, so I felt high again. After arriving the destination, we gathered and studied the game rule, while the rabbit was climbing on the mountain and making marks by flour to confirm our route. However, the rabbit also set traps for us. It was grove and crag around, we climbed according to the marks, and the game started. Soon after, the rain became more and more heavily, and the marks disappeared, so we got lost. We were drenched and a little discouraged at that time. Fortunately, the explorer ahead guided us to go forward. When fell across coast or tussock, everyone helped and supported each other and nobody was left. When we got to the top of mountain, all were drenched to the skin, but our hearts were hot and excited. Shouting loudly among the mountain with cloud passed by, what great feeling!
We kept on climbing to the terminus, which depended on our skill and willpower. When we arrived, the rain stopped. Everyone was glad about the victory, as we conquered the nature and ourselves.
Dear friends, when we come across difficulties, please don’t fear, don’t cower, the rainbow comes after the rain!
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